Governing Board

As a pilot school, GPA is overseen by a Governing Board comprised of community leaders, administrators, teachers, and parents. The Governing Board sets the school’s vision, establishes policies, hires staff, evaluates and supports the principal, approves the annual budget, and leads fundraising efforts.


2012-2013 Governing Board


Chairperson: Irwin Blumer, Boston College

Altegani Abrahim, GPA Parent

Priscilla Anderson, GPA Parent

Amanda Barber, GPA Parent

Soraya Beato, GPA Parent

Mary-Helen Black, Harvard University

Tracey Coutts, GPA Teacher

Marie Exantus, GPA Parent (2nd alternate)

Kilsis Gomez, GPA Parent (1st alternate)

Sasha Heavey, GPA Teacher

Erica Herman, GPA Principal

Victoria Hom, GPA Parent

Jimmy King, GPA Paraprofessional

Elba Mendez, GPA Parent Coordinator

Lisa Moellman, Harvard University

Jenn Scioli, GPA Learning Specialist

David Simon, Simon Brothers

Donnell Stoute, GPA Paraprofessional

Hanh Truong, GPA Learning Specialist

Rita Vaidya, GPA Parent