GPA is proud to partner with universities and others to study the impact of our educational practices and innovations.

Our success in promoting students’ personal and academic growth has served as a model to be replicated in schools across the country.


Selected research:


Center for American Progress
“Lightening the Load: A Look at Four Ways that Community Schools Can Support Effective Teaching”
January 2012
Theodora Chang with Calyssa Lawyer

Council for Exceptional Children
Teaching Exceptional Children
May/June 2008
Claudia Rinaldi and Jennifer Samson
“English Language Learners and Response to Intervention” (PDF)

Full-Service Schools Roundtable
Case Study: Gardner Pilot Academy

Harvard Family Research Project
Fall 2006
Julie Bott, Director of Extended Services
“Linking School and After School: Strategies for Success”

National Center for Community Schools
Case Study: Gardner Extended Services School

National Institute for Child Health and Human Development
Mariela Páez, Lynch School of Education, Boston College
Ongoing (2007-2011)
Early Intervention Study: “Improving the Language and Literacy Skills of Spanish-English Bilingual Kindergartners”