Results at Gardner Pilot Academy

Gardner Pilot Academy is a full-service community school that serves over 400 students in pre-kindergarten (K0) through grade 8 in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.

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  • 100% of our students took place in the whole class review process with City Connects.  Our full service model was able to successfully provide 100% of our students 3 or more services over the course of the year to meet their needs.
  • 3,327 services were delivered to our students and families over the last school year.  2,131 were for prevention/enrichment; 969 for early intervention and 227 were for intensive/crisis intervention
  • 100% of GPA students benefit from twice weekly arts instruction
  • 100% of GPA students receive preventative dental screenings and have access to physical and mental health consultation within the school building
  • Over 100 GPA middle school students participate in sports programming offered out of school time, coached by GPA staff
  • Nearly 100 students have a one-to-one mentor at GPA that they meet either during their lunch/recess or during their after school programming at GPA
  • Over 85% of students engaged in extended service programming indicated that these programs helped them to feel better about themselves and nearly 90% indicated that these programs helped them to do better in school.
  • GPA faculty are committed to having 100% of families participate in a conference with the school
  • Families report on school climate surveys that GPA is a good place for their child to learn
  • Attendance at GPA is above the district and state average for schools
  • GPA partners indicated that their partnership with GPA was beneficial to students and to their organization
  • Every GPA student has access to receive mental health counseling or supports directly in the school building
  • -Staff believe that promoting diversity and inclusion at GPA is a high priority
  • Our innovative approach to promoting positive classroom behavior minimizes disruptions to teaching and learning. GPA teachers report having gained 15 to 45 minutes per day in instructional time because of improved student behavior.

GPa Accountability Report

Gardner Pilot Academy serves a diverse population of over 400 students in pre-school (K0) through grade 8.


GPA is proud to partner with universities and others to study the impact of our educational practices and innovations.

Our success in promoting students’ personal and academic growth has served as a model to be replicated in schools across the country.


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