High-quality teaching and learning are the cornerstones of Gardner Pilot Academy. Our top-notch teachers challenge and engage students in core subjects, including English Language Arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and arts.

We focus on literacy across the curriculum, with emphasis on social justice themes for student reading and writing assignments.


GPA is committed to a robust science education, with science specialists on staff. The school has both a dedicated indoor science space and an outdoor classroom, where students engage in hands-on learning about nature and the environment.

We also believe students must have an early and ongoing introduction to the arts. GPA offers education in the visual and performing arts before, during, and after the traditional school day, particularly through our full-time Art Specialist and the Friday Enrichment program, which brings local artists into the school to spark children’s creativity and self-expression.

Through our school-wide Response to Intervention (RTI) model, all students are assessed to determine their particular needs, and strategically “tiered” to receive the appropriate supports and services throughout the school year. RTI includes ongoing monitoring of student progress to measure the effectiveness of each intervention and to adjust services as needed. Download information for parents (PDF) about the Boston Public Schools’ new student success model, the Academic Achievement Framework.