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Gardner Pilot Academy is a full-service community school that serves over 400 students in pre-kindergarten (K0) through grade 8 in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.

Gardner Pilot Academy offers students and families a well-rounded public education in a safe, caring learning environment. GPA is a full-service, community school, providing a broad range of programs and services before, during, and after the school day to ensure that students and families reach their full potential. Our students are scholars, painters, dancers, poets, athletes, entrepreneurs, leaders, and much more.


Our Strengths

  • GPA is rated a Tier 1 School in BPS’ Quality Framework, and according to the State’s Accountability system we do not require district intervention, which means that we have consistently served the individualized needs of our diverse student population
  • Seal of Excellence for Safe and Welcoming Schools from the Human Rights Campaign
  • A full inclusion model of supporting English Language Learners and students with disabilities.
  • All teachers have a Masters degree and are triple certified in content area, English as a Second Language, and Special Education.
  • GPA uses an innovative staffing model to include classroom teachers, learning specialists, surround care teachers, paraprofessional, interns, student teachers and partners.
  • Each year we utilize strategic partnerships with over 30 community partners to meet the needs of our scholars. GPA, in partnership with the YMCA, was recognized three times by the Department of Education for its exemplary 21st Century Community Learning Centers.
  • We strive for equity for all and staff agree that the school makes promoting diversity and inclusion a high priority.
    We have diverse ethnic representation in our faculty, staff, volunteers, and partners.
  • The social and emotional development of our scholars is a high priority and students have the opportunity to receive mental health services in the school building.
  • Families are the experts of their child and families are deeply involved with the school.
    On average each year Gardner Pilot Academy delivers over 3,000 services to students as enrichment, prevention and family support.
  • GPA has a strong Focus on academic excellence through quality instruction, using Response to Intervention and culturally responsive curriculum that is committed to social justice
  • Reduced class size at all grade levels
  • Science specialists and dedicated indoor and outdoor science labs
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Community School Model

Gardner Pilot Academy serves a diverse population of over 400 students in pre-school (K0) through grade 8.

Strong Academics

-Rigorous, engaging academic instruction
-Expanded learning time that extends programming into the afternoons, evenings, weekends and summers
-Culturally relevant to the students

Shared Leadership

-A full-time Community School Director who works hand in hand with the principal to lead the school
-Shared school decision-making with a committee of parents, community organizations, teachers and students

Community Services

-Mental health, medical and social services for students who need them
-Welcoming environment that makes students, families and community members feel respected and empowered
-Arts programs and youth development programs
-Programs to increase student attendance and keep students in school

Family Engagement

-Active involvement of all families with support for language translation
-Continuing education for families such as English as a Second Language, computer classes, and leadership development opportunities




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Gardner Pilot Academy
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